​We can also do work on other brands of tube amps. If you have an old tube amp that needs restoring and/or updating, in most cases, we can do that work for you. Please contact us with all the amps details, and we can go from there!

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​​The bottom line is that you will get a beautiful looking classic vacuum tube stereo, the sound of which will astound you.
So please do have a look around my web site. I am sure you will be impressed with the products I have on offer and I would only be too pleased to be able to build you a unique and great sounding vacuum tube stereo system!
All my gear comes with a 12 month warranty, 6 months on tubes.

Home Audio Systems

Tube Nirvana...your ONE STOP custom home tube audio gear shop!

I build custom vacuum tube power amps, preamps, phono preamps and headphone amp for the home audio enthusiast, right here on the beautiful southern coast of Oregon!
All amps I build are hand made to order, in attractive custom chassis with anodized aluminum chassis plates. All my gear is no nonsense, with other words, there is no bling, everything in these amps has a purpose, and that is to give you the best possible sound! I have collected what I consider to be the best circuits currently available, and combined them to give you audio reproduction only vacuum tubes can provide. â€‹